28 June 2013

New Opportunity for Creative Peacemaking

Fresh Directions
Jerusalem Post, 28 June 2013

Sir – Hamadallah’s resignation from being a powerless Prime Minister in a corrupt Palestinian Authority with a bogus “peace” process is good news (“Abbas accepts Hamadallah’s resignation” June 24).

His return to the presidency of An-Najah University offers him a creative opportunity to become an honest peacemaker.  Rami Hamdallah has the power to initiate a real peace process by driving 20 minutes to meet with Dan Meyerstein.  Hamdallah used his creative energies to build a small college into a major university in Nablus while Meyerstein built a major university a mere 12 miles away in Ariel.
Today, 600 Arab students study in Ariel University.  Hamdallah can initiate a genuine peace process by inviting 600 Jewish students to study in An-Najah University. 

These two neighboring universities working together can forge fresh directions for Arabs and Jews to live in peace with each other between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River.

Mel Alexenberg, Ra’anana
The writer is professor emeritus at Ariel University

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