09 January 2008

A Metaphor for Peace from Islamic Art

A fresh metaphor for peace between Israel and the Islamic world
I made these photographs of counter-patterns in Islamic rugs into digital prints on canvas and had them hang on the museum walls alongside the actual rugs in my aesthetic peace exhibition in Prague.
Counter-patterns are woven into Islamic rugs to demonstrate that human hands cannot create perfect symmetry. Religious Muslim women acknowledge that only Allah creates perfection by purposefully introducing counter-patterns into their designs.
Peace will come when the Islamic world sees tiny Israel in its midst as the necessary counter-pattern in the huge Islamic rug that streches from the Atlantic Ocean to the borders of India.
The Islamic world needs Israel to realize its own aesthetic values

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Stacy said...

very interesting what you mention about the Islamic rugs .. is very sad that this religion is colored by the destruction and the blood of thousands of people killed... they should take generic viagra for relax